Breathing and Meditation ZONE

Breathing properly 

(In a single meditation, an emotional knot that has been sabotaging your joy of life and health for years can be released. )

It makes a huge difference when you breathe properly.

For optimal oxygen transport and thus the highest physical, mental and even spiritual health, you need calm, smooth breathing.

This you will achieve and it will stay with you until your last breath....
(like the meditations by the way)

Thanks to Soulfood Breathing Meditations your body will automatically learn to breathe more calmly in everyday life. To do this, I will give you the most effective techniques for your everyday life and I have gathered for you the most important information from countless sources.  

You feel stronger, more stable, centered and powerful.

Noses are for breathing, Mouths are for Eating

You where born breathing through your nose, and it has been our primary conduit for breathing for hundreds of thousands of years.

Mouth breathing activates use of the upper chest, while nasal breathing results in abdominal breathing. Upper chest breathing is more likely to be associataed with a stress response, while nasal breathing helps ensure regular, calm, steady breathing using the diaphragm. To help deal with stress, the instruction to take a deep breath is actually correct, but a truly deep breath is abdominal, gentle and quiet; the exact opposite of the big breaths usually taken in an attempt to calm.

Breathing exercise

Sit in front of a mirror and place one hand on your chest and one hand above your navel. Take a moderate-size breath in through your mouth and note the movements of your hands.

Next compare your breathing movements to a similar size breath drawn in through your nose.

The breath through your mouth you will most likely feel in your chest and the breath through your nose in your abdomen. Try it!

Abdominal breathing


Breathe like this for about 4 minutes and exercise it for a few days until it becomes normal for you.

Lie down on your back to practice, bend your legs slightly. Place a book on the stomach and breathe through the nose counting up to five and release it counting to five. The focus is on the fact that the book rises while breathing and comes down while releasing. The less you can reduce the speed of the book, the better. Do this exercise twice a day if possible for fifteen minutes. Doing it before going to bed at night will greatly improve the quality of sleep. This exercise must be performed by people who complain of anxiety, restlessness, and confusion.

Create a union between body, breath and mind and connect to your inner self..

Soulfood Meditations 

In my guided meditations I support you in creating a positive inner world of thoughts: for a happy and self-determined life!

The current training of our mind is to see, identify and control that which is moving. So every time there is a fluctuation, our minds, identify what it is, put a label on it so that therefore it is understood. Mind then files it away, or stores it in a jar on a shelf in a closet in our subconscious mind which lives woven through every single layer of our bodymind.

All you need is a few minutes of your time and a place where you feel comfortable and can relax for a few moments. 

Soulfood Breathing Meditation
Breathe 4 beats in and 8 beats out for deep inner calm and self love

Mindful Meditation
This meditation will enable you to process and digest any informations being held in your body-mind. 

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