100 hour intensive Yoga Course

Asana Practice, Meditations, Breathing, Mantras, Mudras, Philosophie, Anatomy, Ayurveda, ...
Practices to expand yourself to a level of finer Energies.
Yoga Retreat Sinai

Are you stressed and looking for a place for complete relaxation, detoxification from all kinds of media?
Do you have allergies and want to find a way to cleanse your body?
Are you sad, demotivated, negative or even depressed and need a way to find happiness and joy in life again? Or do you simply want to treat yourself to a challange in becoming supple and focused, completely clear and aware?

The energies of the Sinai, the Sun, the Tranquility and the beautiful Aura of the Sinai Mountains alone are Balsam for the Soul.

You can expect daily guided yoga classes and meditations, detox workshops and practice, nutritional counseling, light and fresh meals, breathing meditation, yoga in the desert, Sinai Wadi hike and silent meditation in a Bedouin garden, herbalism and cozy accommodation.

The Hatha Yoga classes are based on the Shivananda Yoga practice and are ideal for beginners as well as advanced students. They incorporate maximum traditional knowledge and integrate therapeutic aspects. Detox Yoga are specifically detox promoting asanas that assist in detoxification.
On-site spa is available with massages and individual consultations.

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Bookings are open now for april 2023


- Beginner
- Advanced

Yoga Stil

- Tribal Hatha Yoga Shivananda Style
- Tribal Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style

Course Theme

- letting go
- become aware
- merge body, mind and breath
- let it flow
- heart opening
- me and my body
- energy management
- expand
- understand
- practice, practice, practice.....

The Highlights

- daily guided Asana Practice and Breathing Meditation
- daily lectures about Yoga Philosophie, Anatomy
- lectures about Ayurveda Practices, Cooking, Detox Practices
- Walks and Hikes in the Sinai Desert
- Lectures about Nutrition
- Energy Pulling Sessions
- weekly Knowledge Review

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Guided yoga, meditation practice, and detox practices. Yoga classes are specifically designed for you to learn a sequence what you can practice after at home. Detoxing tools to refresh body and mind. Sharing of experience, group chantings, laughing, fun and being together. Conscious eating and conscious movement is specifically practiced.

A sample week timetable:

07.00 Meditation and Chanting
08.00 Yoga Asana Practice
09.30 Cooking Practice
10.30 Lecture
12.00 Eating together
13.00 Selfstudy
Afternoon to reflect, practice by yourself, enjoy the surrounding, read, ....

Included is:
- unlimited sunshine
- 20 x 5 contact hours with the teacher

*** Additional yoga classes, massages or individual sessions can be booked. Aswell Ras Mohamed National Park sightseeing, St. Kathrin Monastery sightseeing and Dahab

The desert is balsam
Yoga Klasse

During the first 5 days you will intensively feel and experience the positive effects of your everyday asana and meditation practice.
Every day you discover a progression in your yoga practices and make new discoveries that build a solid foundation. Learn the law of the universe and consciously experience your body and mind. Let go of the old and become more aware, feel blockages dissolve. Allow change and life itself changes. Learn how to incorporate these techniques into your daily life and create your own oasis of well-being.

In between, you will have plenty of time for the most enjoyable activities such as relaxing by the pool or the sea, taking a walk in the desert, and in the evenings, sitting together with others, share or enjoy your own company. To further support your well-being you can pamper yourself with Ayurvedic Kansa Abdomen,- Face- and Footmassage  treatments, Access Bars treatment und Singing Bowl massage (Additional costs).

Food, drinks and accommodation during your course

Food, drinks and accommodation are on your cost.
We are happy to help you finding a studio where you can prepair your food.

During the course we not only talk about healthy nutrition, we also cook and eat together as a practice for a better eating habit.

You should drink only still water. Unfortunately we only have water from plastic bottles as we are in the desert.

Smoking during the course is not recommended as it negativly influences your practice.

Location and how to reach it

Our Yoga & Detox Retreat location is at the foot of the Sinai Mountains, on the outskirts of the city of Sharm el Sheikh. The sea is about 15 minutes drive away. Ras Mohamed National Park is at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

How do i get there

Find a cheap flight to Sharm el Sheikh International Airport (SSH).

There are daily busses between Cairo and Sharm.

Your Yogateacher

Gaby Zweng

A multi-certified yoga teacher with a passion for health and wellness in the world, Gaby shares her experiences with detox, massage, yoga and meditation to help others live a conscious life full of love and compassion and free from illness.

 Depending on the date of the course, other guest teachers may also appear. As soon as the dates and details are confirmed, we will keep you updated.

Ask the teacher

Do you have questions about this course that you would like to discuss with the course teacher?  Send a direct message to Gaby to learn more about this 100 hour yoga intensive course.

Course Details

  • 100 contact hours with a teacher
  • daily Yoga- und Meditationclasses
  • daily cooking a healthy nutritious meal together
  • Encouraging and perhaps inspiring discussions
  • 20 days plus 1 day off per week practices


    The transportation cost are not included (but here you can find good deals) We can help you organize if necessary.
    Accomodation cost and food is not included. We recommend our retreat place.


    A 100% payment is required to book and reserve the retreat.
    Deposits are non-refundable if the booking is cancelled, but credits can be provided for future bookings.


    During your free time, we encourage you to journal and reflect on your experiences during the retreat, and most importantly to rest and relax, but you are free to use your free time as you see fit.

    Additional wellness services such as massages, energy treatments and vibrational therapy are available on site and can be booked for all participants.

    Please just let us know if you have any specific activities and/or preferences for your course and we can discuss the details for you


I wanted to intensify my practice, correct my breathing and find harmony in my asana practice. I learned to prepare nutrion rich and tasty meals who helped to stop my hairloss. I am so happy that my hair grows beautifully now. I learned to understand how my mind works, I feel much lighter then before. The time with Gaby was very intensiv, funny, cleaning and renewing. I fueld up with new energy, ideas, motivation and i would never wanted to miss this course especially because we spoke in my language arabic.  - Shahi, Cairo

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really impressed with the results. The yoga was new to me but easy enough to try and learn, plus all the delicious meals and the nature in Sinai is stunning!!!! - Marina, Bern

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Results to expect from this course

You will be guided daily through asana classes, meditation and nourished with cleansing foods and drinks as well as daily sunbathing.

All practices and activities during this course are designed to detoxify and cleanse the body (and mind) understand the way of yoga and be able to go on with your practice after the course to expand your consciousness and life a happy and healthy life.
With this course you will help to

  • strengthen and open your body
  • harmonize movement, focus and breathing
  • purify your body and improve digestion
  • increase your energy and stamina
  • relieve physical aches and pains
  • improve your sleep quality and duration
  • cleanse and clarify your skin
  • discover new postures, breathing techniques and insights about your body
  • understand patanjali yoga sutras
  • understand chakras, mudras and bandhas
  • learn more about human nutrition, food and cooking
  • learn detox techniques that you can easily use at home
  • help your body strengthen its immune system

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Yoga on the Roof

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Still deciding if this Course is right for you? Please feel free to ask any Questions that you might have, we can do Whatsapp calls or Email and help to answer and address any Questions that you might have. 

South Sinai Desert Course Vibes ☀️


4 weeks, 100 hours course

from 1299 

Retreat Date

  • 1. - 24. April 2024

  • 1. - 24. November 2024

1 Person privat Course
1599 € 

2 Person (bring a friend)

1 Person in a group (max 4 people)

The course is held with a minimum of 1 people to a maximum of 4 people.
Everyone is welcome. The course is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced yogis.
The teaching style allows everyone to be encouraged according to their individual abilities. Prerequisites are an open heart and an open mind.

Ayurvedic Kansa Abdomen- und Footmassage treatments, Access Bars treatment und Singing Bowl massage can be booked at the place.

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