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My Name is Gaby, when partnering with me, you express readiness to leap—ready to embrace the unknown, dive into a sea of boundless possibilities, and delve into the depths of your Self, emerging as a more complete and conscious individual. Together, we revive forgotten aspects, reignite your enthusiasm for your creations, and rekindle forgotten passions. Through inner exploration, we manifest concrete changes in our external reality. By aiding your expansion on an energetic level, we unlock the door to living out your fullest potential.

Experience my programspracticesmeditations and Mentorship to calm your mind and fortify your resiliency.

Together we flow, breathe, sweat, focus, learn and evolve. Are you in? Find the schedule here  

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What my students say:

Unforgettably amazing combination of Yoga and Sinai


Gaby offered me highly professional, tailor made yoga sessions that fitted exactly my needs! You immediately feel her commitment to Yoga and her eagerness to convey the passion for Yoga to you. The sessions with her are amazing and so beneficial! I can highly recommend her!
Moreover I did trips to Ras Al Mohammed, the desert, St Katrin and a Wadi hiking with Gaby. Her huge knowledge about people, culture and history and her passion for the Sinai made these trips to an unforgettable experience! An experience that i would have missed with any other travel agency…
On top I enjoyed the time with her a lot due to her nice, welcoming, open hearted and Kind character!

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Gaby Combines The Spiritual And Physical Aspects of Yoga

Gaby is a warmhearted and excellent Yoga teacher who combines both the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of Yoga in a most charming way

G E O R G   L,   G E R M A N Y

Open Your Heart And Feel The Energy Inside You

"OPEN YOUR HEART AND FEEL THE ENERGY INSIDE YOU" - this is your amazing teaching and I will keep it with me all life long! If you deeply believe, the Universe always listen to us.

G U L I A   C,   I T A L Y

Overcoming Depression and worthlessness Feelings

The Intensive 100 hr Yoga Course I did with Gaby helped me to overcome a very difficult moment in my life and i highly recommend it to everybody who wants to enhance his/her psychophysical well-being and keeping the focus on what really matters in life.

I healed my anxiety, my thinking about myself and I learned to identify the smallest signs of my body. I gained so much time to get out and enjoy instead of being depressiv. 

V A L E R I O   A., I T A L Y

Beautiful, Relaxing, Stretching Classes

Thank you for wonderful classes Gaby, I feel very much integrated into the class even with the difficulties of my body. You always find a variation who works for me too. Love it!

 S U E   S., U K

Learned Healthy Eating, Processing My Relationship And How To Be Successful

I am so grateful that I came to know the Body Whisperer Course with Gaby. She showed me to see things differently in my life, I learned to cook healthy food and to look more after my body.  I harmonized my energies and dove deep into the hidden world of energies and spirituality. I am so exited that my hair grew back. I honor my body as my best friend. This course safed me so much money i would have spent on hospitals and medication.

 S H A H I   M., E G Y P T


Gaby Yogini Anjali

Gaby is a nomadic yogini on a mission of teaching the traditional indian philosophies, awareness, conscious breathing and movement to remind you of your innermost self that is free and unique. She takes people on journeys of realeasing emotion through movement, awakening through the healing power of breath and relaxing through the vibrations of the ancient singing bowls. She helps remind them that they are whole and that you heal the collective when you heal yourself. She offers Yoga therapy, Tribal Hatha- and Ashtanga Yoga Classes, Breathwork Sessions, Retreats, Workshops and trainings online and life worldwide.

 More about me here 

Ganesha (or Ganesh) is most well known as being the remover of obstacles, both spiritual and physical.

Training Overview


  • "My aim is to empower you, helping you cultivate increased self-assurance and a heightened sense of body awareness.
    As we work together, you'll find that standing upright gracefully becomes your preferred posture."
  • "Through my guidance, you'll delve into the depths of your breath, forging a profound connection
    between your inner self and the vast Universe that surrounds us."
  • "You'll acquire the valuable skill of utilizing your breath as a tool to maintain the suppleness of your fascia,
    thus averting stiffness and discomfort while radiating vitality from the core of your being."
  • "We'll explore the intricate relationship between stress, negative thoughts, and their physical impact on your body.
    Together, we'll develop strategies to bring tranquility and serenity into your life."
  • "One profound realization on this journey is that perception often surpasses thought.
    By embracing moments of thoughtlessness, you'll open yourself to the subtle whispers of your body's impulses."
  • "Philosophical wisdom infuses our traditional yoga sessions, offering rich opportunities for meaningful exchange
    both before and after class."
  • "In our sessions, I wholeheartedly share the joys of life with you –
    the laughter, the tears, and the embrace of an open heart."

Knowledge only is not enough, it is through dedicated practice that you draw nearer to your dreams. With our guidance and inspiration, you can expect to improve your focus, awareness, strength and flexibility. Connect and glow!

Discover your class

Next Course October 2024

Silence, only the Wind, the Waves and your breath....

From September 2024
to April 2025 

From September 2024
to April 2025 

Shiva is from where everything has come, in which everything is sustained and everything dissolves. Vishwaroopa’, the entire universe is his form..

Release and Recreate Overview

Enhance physical and emotional well-being with empowering sessions of reconnective healing or spiritual advise.
Therefore get inspired to listen to your body's whispers.

Go from Thinking to Doing to Being.

Manual Pain Relief

Different pain can be treated with different tools. Manual Pain Relief offers Triggering, Vibration, Suction, and aims to discover the origin of the pain to treat the cause and leave you pain free.

Singing Bowl Cell Tuning

Imagine being immersed in beautiful sounds that are healing to your body, mind and soul.... The sonic waves wash over you, rippling on your skin, and penetrating your pores untill they`re scrubbing your mind of the stress-worry dirt that builds up day after day.

Kansa Treatments

Ayurvedic Kansa consists primarily of copper. Brass behaves like copper. The external effect of copper improves the wellbeing of the skin. It cures any infections and improves the skin elasticity, reduces facial fine lines and wrinkles, releases acids and enhances wound healing.

The Magic of Stones

The Stone Beings are magical beings.  They have been here for aeons, growing within the womb of Mother Earth. Recorded within them are the wisdom and experience of the ages.  They know the magic and power of the energy of stillness ... the art of being.  They share who they are openly.

Guided Meditations

Its about nourishing your mind with the bewildered knowledge. Its totally normal to have thoughts during meditation. Don`t try to fight your thoughts, just observe them. Through Soulfoods we use our imagination to guide our mind to achieve goals and create change.

Access Bars Treatment

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality. The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars Session a practicioner gently touches this points to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that may have limited you in the concernd life area.

Funktional Breathing Session

Create change in your psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being in a safe space and fill the body with fresh oxygen and renew the body cells.

Krishna is the embodiment of joy and bliss. He introduced the Science of Completion through the threefold path of Yoga. 

Available Online Courses

Through learning become more spiritual, nobler and happier. 

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand and experience.” ― Albert Einstein

To radiate from Inside Out your brightest light your brain has to be brought under control.

Sharpen your Focus, bring your Awareness to your Inside and be courageous to feel all that gets enlightened.

The Player and the Game become one. Learn how to be undistracted by conscious thoughts through the correct way of breathing. BREATHWORK

Upgrade yourself, improve your focus more, transform your inner limitations, use your full potential....

Learn how to avoid sickness by reacting on the very first signs and mentain perfect health by hearing the lisest whisper of your body.

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People are saying:

A Highlight of my holiday

I was so glad to visit Gaby and do yoga with her. Gaby is a very warm, friendly and approachable lady with great knowledge of what she is teaching. My husband, who had not done yoga before came with me, and he ejoyed it very much too. We are planning to go back to Egypt next year and will be definitely visiting Omkara again.

Nafia H.

I spent 3 days with Gaby experiencing yoga, and meditation and gaining a deeper understanding of practice. Yoga in the desert was a wonderful experience and one that will stay with me for some time. Gaby has a thorough understanding of her practice and is extremely insightful.

Helen J.

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