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January 11


What can Manual Pain Treatments do

When practiced with precision, deep tissue massage is an exquisite experience. It is that ‘hurt so good’ feeling that so many of us need for our muscles. This modality transcends the ordinary, proving to be a therapeutic panacea for a spectrum of concerns, from sports rehabilitation to soothing relaxation, and from addressing hip imbalances to alleviating sciatica, lower back pain, upper back tension, and shoulder injuries.

Harnessing the Power of Pressure: Deep tissue massage employs the synergy of firm pressure and deliberate, unhurried techniques to penetrate deep into muscle fibers and layers. It is an art form, a dance between therapist and recipient that explores the nuanced terrain beneath the surface.

Seeking the Source: A primary objective of deep tissue massage is the identification and release of trigger points, commonly known as 'knots,' nestled within the muscle belly. Employing a repertoire of kneading, squeezing, stripping, and precision pressure techniques, the massage seeks to engage with these trigger points, unraveling tension and promoting profound relief.

Mindful Collaboration: As you embark on this therapeutic journey, your therapist becomes a guide, employing breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. Together, you navigate the landscape of comfort, determining the optimal pressure that resonates with your body's unique needs. The process is a collaborative exploration, a symbiotic dance between giver and receiver.

Trigger Point Unveiling: The pinnacle of deep tissue massage lies in the unveiling of trigger points. As the therapist works on these areas, there is a quest for the elusive 'local twitch response' – a subtle yet significant indication of the muscle's release. Simultaneously, the ebbing of referral pain signals the transformative impact of this targeted therapy.

Detoxification and Tranquility: Beyond its muscular benefits, deep tissue, and trigger point release contribute to detoxification, ridding the body of accumulated stress and tension. Paradoxically, the aftermath of a deep tissue session can leave one feeling pleasantly disoriented, a testament to the profound release experienced.

Hydration as a Ritual: Acknowledging the transformative power of deep tissue massage, it is advised to embark on this journey well-hydrated. Drinking ample water before and after the massage serves as a ritual, supporting the body's natural detoxification processes and ensuring a seamless transition from the depths of the massage experience.

In the symphony of pressure, precision, and collaboration, deep tissue massage emerges not just as a physical therapy but as a holistic journey toward rejuvenation and well-being.

Holger, Frankfurt

During the night I woke up in pain in my shoulder. I felt it even in my chest. Gaby found huge lumps in my shoulder and upper back. She triggered it and treated it with the cups and I immediately felt a relief. After 15 physiotherapy sessions, I didnt feel so well then after this one treatment of Gaby. Thank you 

Imagine now, how much more effective cupping for trigger points is in ‘drawing’ fluid, both blood and lymph, through the application of negative pressure. cupping moves the Qi, Blood, and lymph fluid, which is the therapeutic effect you are looking for when cupping trigger points. By incorporating the use of suction cup massage when treating trigger points, we can offer the added benefits of increased movement of lymph fluid and blood, and deeper softening of myofascial tissue in the area of the trigger point we are treating.

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