Manual Pain Relief NOW in Sharm el Sheikh until May 2023

Every body is different, every treatment should be too

No two people are the same. That’s why no two massages should be the same. Your therapist will pull from various massage techniques – Trigger point, Deep tissue, Cupping, etc. – and incorporate them into your treatment to address your needs. Here it’s all about you.

Triggerpoint- Kansa Massage and Cupping are highly effective ways of managing pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hips, legs...., in addition to other types of pain. For many people, back pain can become chronic, even debilitating. Triggerpoint- Kansa Massage and Cupping  provide another pain management option instead of drugs to help control back pain.

Compared to other methods of pain control, such as medications, surgery, or interventional procedures, Triggerpoint-, Kansa Massage and Cupping are safe, effective, no side-effect methods for pain management. Since Triggerpoint-, Kansa Massage and Cupping are the methods of adjusting your body to allow your body to heal itself, they can be performed even if you are on medication.

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What to expect during your treatment


You’ll go over your personalized form with your therapist and discuss the areas of your body you'd like to address. Your session time includes 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.


You can ask for either a full-body massage (for general relaxation) or a customized session focusing on specific parts of your body. And remember, your comfort matters. Feel free to talk with your therapist as much, or as little, as you wish.


It’s important to relax your mind and muscles during your massage. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles. Maintain open lines of communication with your therapist if you’d like to provide feedback on their pressure or techniques.


When your massage is complete, your therapist will offer you a glass of water (it’s important to stay hydrated post-massage). And if you appreciated your experience, you can always leave a tip. We look forward to your visit!

When should you not have a treatment

Cupping therapy isn’t recommended for everyone.

Don’t use cupping if you use blood-thinning medication. Also avoid cupping if you have:

  • a sunburn
  • a wound
  • a skin ulcer
  • an internal organ disorder
  • thinning skin