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Why Breathwork?

In this time of stress, anxiety, chaos and uncertainty, we are being called on to shift the space from which we are operating and create a new mind-body architecture that supports deeper awareness and consciousness.

Breathwork takes you beyond traditional cognitive therapies to provide a profound, non-verbal path of healing, where the intelligence of your body and life force energy takes the lead. Breathwork is an extraordinary tool for self awareness, self regulation and self transformation. 

Here's why:

  • to support Breath Intelligence
  • to support the journey to your Authentic Self / Source
  • to release patterns which keeps us from our uniqueness
  • to get in touch with the wisdom of our bodies
  • Self Awareness, Self Regulation and Self Transformation
  • to re-awaken our natural healing ability 
  • to re-pattern dysfunctional breathing habits
  • to facilitate the delivery of Life Force energy to our being

Have you ever thought about how you breathe? Probably not, since breathing happens instinctively without a second thought. The only time you are likely to notice your breathing is when there is a problem or you can’t catch your breath after physical exercise.

It may be hard to believe, but most of us breathe improperly and as a consequence suffer some surprising side effects like Stress, Tiredness, Insomnia, Anxiety, Heart Palpitations, Sugar Craving, .....

Breathing properly 

In a single meditation, an emotional knot that has been sabotaging your joy of life and health for years can be released. 

It makes a huge difference when you breathe properly.

For optimal oxygen transport and thus the highest physical, mental and even spiritual health, you need calm, smooth breathing.

This you will achieve and it will stay with you until your last breath....
(like the meditations by the way)

Thanks to Breath Inspired Yoga your body will automatically learn to breathe more calmly in everyday life. To do this, I will give you the most effective techniques for your everyday life and I have gathered for you the most important information from countless sources. 

You feel stronger, more stable, centered and powerful.

Breathing shoud be a part of your daily life.

Breathing exercises are just as important as eating, drinking and sleeping. They need to be incorporated into your day. The easy thing about the following breathing exercises is that you do not have to take time out to do them. They can be incorporated into your normal day. You can do them on the train or bus, in the car, watching television, whilst ironing or cooking, at your office desk. A few minutes regularly throughout the day and you will see positive results within days!!!!

How do I know it works? "Because I do the breathing exercises myself, and just like my clients I reap the benefits"

Noses are for breathing, Mouths are for Eating

You where born breathing through your nose, and it has been our primary conduit for breathing for hundreds of thousands of years.

Mouth breathing activates use of the upper chest, while nasal breathing results in abdominal breathing. Upper chest breathing is more likely to be associataed with a stress response, while nasal breathing helps ensure regular, calm, steady breathing using the diaphragm. To help deal with stress, the instruction to take a deep breath is actually correct, but a truly deep breath is abdominal, gentle and quiet; the exact opposite of the big breaths usually taken in an attempt to calm.

Breathing exercise

Sit in front of a mirror and place one hand on your chest and one hand above your navel. Take a moderate-size breath in through your mouth and note the movements of your hands.

Next compare your breathing movements to a similar size breath drawn in through your nose.

The breath through your mouth you will most likely feel in your chest and the breath through your nose in your abdomen. Try it!

Abdominal breathing


Lie down on your back to practice, bend your legs slightly. Place a book on the stomach and breathe through the nose counting up to five and release it counting to five. The focus is on the fact that the book rises while breathing and comes down while releasing. The less you can reduce the speed of the book, the better. Do this exercise twice a day if possible for fifteen minutes. Doing it before going to bed at night will greatly improve the quality of sleep. This exercise must be performed by people who complain of anxiety, restlessness, and confusion.

Create a union between body, breath and mind and connect to your inner self.

Book your Private Breathwork Sessions, they are tailormade for you. I create a Space for you to discover your Breath in your own Way and Time, to relax into it and alter your Consciousness.  

What I Experience During Breathwork

What I love the most about Breathwork is that it gets me out of my head and connects me fully to my body. 

It feels like a very primal way to release trauma and process emotions.

It usually takes about 5-10 minutes of breathing to really let the body take over, going from me breathing to my body breathing me. Then the body takes over and I open the door into this altered state of consciousness and the ride begins. I lose track of time and space and it’s hard to believe how quickly time goes by.

During a session, I somethimes go through a lot of waves of sadness and anger that I my body releases by crying, making sounds and moving. At times, this became really uncontrollable and I felt like I was moving a lot of old trauma in my body. After those kind of intense sessions, I usually feel a deep release, which is amazing.

Sometimes, I have memories from my childhood come up or other memories I had totally forgotten.

Other times, I have more subtle and relaxed experiences and then a variety of things can come or even downloads from my higher self around life and business.

These moments remind me of doing plant medicine, when it is almost as though you are in a totally connected higher state to receive messages.

Towards the end of the session or sometimes after the music and my breathing reached its peak, I usually end up drifting into a trance-like meditative state for a while. I assume that’s when my brain waves slow down to theta, because I am not fully asleep but also not quite there. It’s this in between space of consciousness. It’s awesome, especially when I drift back into beta brainwaves at the end.

I also usually experience tightness in my feet and it gets a little uncomfortable. At times I also get the tightness in other areas of the body, like my mouth or neck. It’s a normal symptom and subsides as I slow down the breathing.

I want to add two important things:

1. Every session is different, not one is ever the same (kind of similar to plant medicine experiences – you never know what you get beforehand, it always varies)

2. Every person has different experiences. The more inner work you have done on yourself and the more open you are to fully experience yourself and your emotions, the deeper it will be. I regularly hear breathers say they didn’t feel much. For some people it might take a few times to really allow themselves to experience themselves fully. Thus, don’t go into a breathwork session with any expectations.

The Breathwork Magic

I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have this amazing tool in my life now.

Breathwork is a highly empowering practice. You don’t need a healer or guru – you are your own healer and all you need is your breath. No side effects, no purging, no hangovers. You can step out of the experience at any time by just returning to a normal breath.

I believe this is just the beginning of the Breathwork movement and that it will spread like crazy over the next few years. What an amazing opportunity to transform and evolve as humans.

My vision is to help bring Breathwork into the countless lives of fellow creators and entrepreneurs as part of my mission around the creative process and mindfulness.

I am called to help people heal themselves.

So Breathwork is really one of the most powerful methods to learn more about what is really going on in your unconscious mind.  It gives you the tools to change your life, to manifest what you want, and to have a more loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself and, as a result, everyone and everything around you.


Breath Inspired Classes

In my classes I support you to discover your breath and guide you through different breathing techniques to your conscious breath, relaxing and releasing stress to a harmonized and happier state of life.

These breathing modalities you can use during your day in different situations to consciously change your wellbeing.

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Soulfood Breathing Meditation
Breathe 4 beats in and 8 beats out for deep inner calm and self love

Mindful Meditation
This meditation will enable you to process and digest any informations being held in your body-mind. 

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