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Emotional Intelligence - Create Rituals in your Day 

Marry the sacred with the mundane by letting your outer world blossom from a richer inner life.


Emotional intelligence enables the skills that help us create conditions for our own sustainable happiness. Matthieu Ricard defines happiness as  "a deep sense of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind.... not a mere pleasurable feeling, a fleeting emotion, or a mood, but an optimal state of being".

And that optimal state of being is "a profound emotional balance struck by a subtle understanding of how the mind functions."

My own experience is similar. When I was young, there was a period where I was naturally unhappy. If nothing good happened, then by default, I was unhappy. Right now, it is the reverse: if nothing bad happens, then by default, I am happy. I have become so naturally jolly that people ask me how come that I am always smiling and happy.

We all have a setpoint of happiness that we return to. Many of us assume this set point to be static, but my personal experience and that of others suggest this set point to be movable with deliberate training.

Attention Training 

Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Therefore, any curriculum for training emotional intelligence has to begin with attention training to create a quality of mind that is calm and clear at the same time. That quality of mind forms the foundation for emotional intelligence.

This following mindfulness meditation is a possibility to upgrade the operating efficiency of your brain. Integrate it in your morning ritual, like brushing your teeth, ideally first thing in the morning.


Use your trained attention to create high-resolution perception into your own cognitive and emotive processes. With that, you become able to observe your thought stream and the process of emotion with high clarity, and to do so objectively from a third-person perspective. Once you can do that, you create the type of deep self-knowledge that eventually enables self-mastery.

Creating Useful Mental Habits and Rituals 

Imagine whenever you met anybody, your habitual, instinctive first thought is, "I wish for this person to be happy". Having such habits changes everything in your life. Because this sincere goodwill is picked up unconsciously by others, and you create the type of trust that leads to highly productive collaborations. Such habits can be volitionally trained.

I am sharing with you my knowledge, experience and teachings, and I am confident that this program will be a valuable resource for you as you embark on your exciting journey. I hope your journey will be fun and profitable. And, yes, that it will contribute to world peace too.

This program can help you go from good to great.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters to what lies within us.

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The teachings and practices with Gaby pulled me out of a deep depression. She opened my eyes and I became aware of my mind and how I can take control over my fokus and can integrate all aspects of my being in my daily life. The progress with my yoga practice makes me very happy, I feel now in harmony with life and I got my motivation back. Thank you Gaby for this important time in my life.

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Create a union between body, breath and mind and connet to your inner self..

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