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July 25



We are on the threshold of a new age where "immortality" is the natural state. EVERYTHING is energy. Matter is also a form of energy. The atoms of our body are "immortal" and at least as old as the earth and are "used" again and again for a new life span."

True life is BEING. Life does not age. The mysterious, life-prolonging substance is a light-full consciousness, which re - minds itself to its reality. However, this immortal light body needs "spiritual nourishment" that changes the molecular structure of the body and constantly regenerates it. This can begin by eating and drinking only "blessed" food, by breathing only light and thus gradually accustoming your body to the natural light diet.

The moment you live as who you REALLY are, your body begins to rejuvenate. Every cell of your body is waiting for you to awaken and thus give you the right instructions. Once you awaken as God, it is up to you how healthy and vital you are and how old you become. In the quantum field, all possibilities are already there and you "choose" which one you want to "appear" as your experienced reality. To die is a "deadly error". Immortality is the sign that God has awakened and bliss is the true state of being of your true BEING.

Immortality is a process of consciousness, the way to natural perfection. The result is not only the unmistakable healthiness of the body, it is above all a serenity, lightness and constant quiet joy, growing vitality and joy of life. You can still see the body's age, but it seems to be constantly rejuvenating itself. At some point we know that we have reached the goal, but strangely enough, it is no longer important. Immortality also means not living forever, but living as long as you want and at some point when you have completed the experience on this plane of existence, voluntarily leaving a perfectly healthy body to go to the next plane of existence. Physical immortality is not a goal in itself, it only offers us the possibility to complete the experience of this existence in a perfectly healthy body in peace.

Immortality is the sign by which one can recognize the awakened consciousness. No one can just pretend here. But you cannot be a little bit perfect, just as you cannot be a little bit pregnant. It is only completely or not at all. Immortality is the absolute test of creation, that consciousness has truly awakened to itself and is another wonderful adventure that life has in store for us. It is your choice and if you are ready, I mean if you are really ready, this wonderful adventure begins IN THIS MOMENT NOW. In reality WE ARE ALL IMMORTAL. You only need to remember it again!

In order to solve the tasks that lie ahead of us, we need our natural immortality, because a normal life span would not be enough. First, this stops the aging process, which seems normal to us, and then begins the phase of rejuvenation to our eternal appearance. It is a spiritual and physical transformation process. Whenever we identify ourselves with our perishable appearance, we lose contact with our true BEING and thus with immortality. But you must first BE immortal before you become so.

In EVERY second about 200,000 new cells are created in our body, almost 20 billion per day. During the division always a copy of the copy is created. After about 50 divisions, the copies become increasingly "unreadable", the DNA strand shortens and becomes incomplete, the cause of aging and death. The cell realizes that it is becoming a danger to the organism and takes care of its own disintegration. However, there is also eternal life, even in our body, the sex and egg cells. Since they need the complete genetic information, the copies are made each time from the original. The 50th copy is as optimal as the first. The germ cells are therefore immortal. By causing your body cells to make a copy of the "Spiritual Blueprint" when they divide, you are potentially immortal.

No one can become immortal because no one CAN bring about what already is. You only need to remember the inner reality. Your true, actual energy body IS already immortal. Consciously enter into this perfect, healthy, eternally young light body and live AS this perfect, immortal body. Thus you have returned to eternal life.

Go to sleep in the evening and wake up consciously in the morning in your eternal, young, immortal True Body.

Even the immortal dies sometime, but without experiencing his death, it is simply the conscious leaving of the body, like you get out of the car when you are at your destination. It is the end of the journey but not the end of BEING. If you live as a visible "image of God", then time and years don't matter anymore, you live TIME -LESS and therefore AGE -LESS and your body lets your inner reality become visible. Breathe, think, feel, talk and act as this perfect, healthy, eternally young true body. This is the step from adult to "awakened". Your awakened consciousness is the "Inner Fountain of Youth " and the secret of perfect health, vitality and immortality. Your manifold THEN awakens and creates your True Body.

Experience the secret of your own natural immortality. Not the immortality of the soul after death, but the immortality of BEING "NOW". The more you come to consciousness, the more active is your immune system, until illness has no chance. This also affects your psychic immune system so that negative energies no longer reach you and you live in constant harmony. This CONTINUOUS conscious presence of your True BEING not only changes your body, psyche and mind positively, but according to the law of resonance it attracts other corresponding events into your life, so that you enter a whole new life. You go through your life unimpressed, rest in your center and live in the "lightness of BEING". Your whole life is a perfect expression of the perfection of BEING. All this is only one step away, because how long do you need to become who you are,....

a perfect, eternal BEING.

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