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May 22


Virus, Immunity and Yoga

What is immunity?
Immunity is the body`s ability to avoid infection, disease and other unwanted biological invasions by resisting harmful microorganisms or viruses.

Innate immunity is to describe our body`s barriers to infections. These include our skin, tears, saliva and mucus, acid in our stomachs and engulfing cells in our bloodstream that eat up pathogens and foreign materials. These defenses are built in, we are born with them. They are the frontline troops that are replenished constantly. Our innate immunity can be supported by looking after the associated systems. 

Keeping hydrated well to look after your skin, eat fresh and healthy food for a healthy digestive system and to have proper hydrochloric acid regulation, move your body to keep the organs active, etc.

The adaptive immunity is your second line of defense, your cavalry, and is a more complicated bunch. They are very specific; adapring to a situation, overcoming it and remembering from experience (how we learn and live in life). By adapting to a particular bacteria or virus, and remembering them, our bodies can become immune to future invasions. These cells are pretty
aggressive. They check the protein markers of all cell membranes... like a ticket inspector... making sure they are meant to be there. If they are not, it goes into terminator mode.

We also can acquire immuity. Antibodies and immune cells are passed on by our mothers through breast milk, and we can acquire antibodies from overcoming a sickness.

We have several different types of fighting cells including T-cells, B-cells, which depending on the pathogen further divide up into even more fighting cells. These guys react in different ways depending on what they are fighting and their defense tactics are top notch and complicated.
The most important thing to realise is that our body has a well-organised army on hand to protect you!

You could look at the workings of our body in terms of systems. All of our systems can be separate, yet also one of a whole working system. They rely on each other and if one is out of balance, it will knock all the others out of whack too! Our immune system is complicatd and a beautiful example of
the intricavies of our body.
Our immune system works across most of our body`s systems so in order to support our entire body.
Our lymphatic, circulatory, intestinal, endocrine and nervous system are the major players when it comes to our immunity.

The most important thing you can do is support the overall health of your body. This means we need to try to live healthily:

Eat fresh and unpoisoned, homemade food Sleep regularly at night and at least 6-8 hours Exercise in moderation Feel well in body and mind
Have well-honed stress management skill (dance, laugh, walk in nature, meditate, yoga)...
Dont forget the important link between the mind-body connection. Your mental health is also just as important.
Dont think only of your intake, think also on detoxing, regular release is very important. Exercise detox practices every day.
Wash your hands with soap Meditate or listen to uplifting soulfood meditations Keep social media and TV times very limited.

Trust your gut feeling and know that everythink is always ok like it is
Meditate about who you really are Think about what the worst thing is what could happen to you .... and is it really soo bad?

You can help support all this systems specifically with targeted classes and non-specifically with a general regular yoga practice. By cultivating balance in our body systems and in our body in general, we can support, nourish, strenghten and build our health, immunity, energy and quality of life and become more confident and trustful.

To learn about detoxing take a Detox Introduction Workshop or join us for a Detox Retreat.
Relaxation and Wellbeing is promoted by Singing Bowl Cell Tuning Sessions Activate your organs and your lymphatic system with a regular yoga practice 
Access Bars Treatments can greatly reduce the feeling of fear and reduce stress level With a regular Yoga Nidra Meditation practice you have a great entry into relaxing your body and keeping your mind focussed

Start to improve your immune system from today!
To look after your body in a loving and caring way is appreciating the vehicle that carries you through your life. Be grateful for what you have.


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