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April 27


100 hour intensive yoga course

Make the choice to a metamorphic experience or your life will not change!

Do you feel emptiness or are you a seeker?
Is it feeling lost or is it just the feeling 
of "now is the time to learn"?
Do you feel something inside you calling but you cant tell what it is?

I had a time I have personally struggled with connecting to my body, being grounded, healing traumas, living my female energy, I felt lost, I always stept in the same trap again and i didn`t like myself anymore nor my life. I had a good job and enough money but it was not satisfying and not all what i wanted in life. I was not happy and just worn out. My heart gave a clear sign that I had to change something NOW!

The key was a meeting with a friend who became my mentor and teacher. His tools guided me to become aware first and then walk a very clear path towards my healthy, fullfilled and happy life I am living now.

I have seeked more help and found mentors form different areas of life, from yoga and meditation to vibrational therapy and kansa massage, to holistic nutrition and health coaching, to reiki and access bars, to energy streaming and dancing.
I have looked here and there and really everywhere to heal myself.

I have gathered an enormous amount of experience and exercises, meditations and life hacks that can help you heal childhood traumas, fears, anxiety, unleash your creativity, grow your self-love and discover the real powerful and confident you.

This course is not for everybody. Only for the one who really commits and allows a one month metamorphosis to happen to a new life, to practice, to learn, to make an effort, to cry, to not be afraid to look at yourself, to transform your body and your mind.
Discover a complete new You. Train your focus, detox your body and mind, create your new future and open new perspectives
Be surprised, what else is possible?

  • practice a sequence of hatha yoga asanas
  • practice breathing and meditation
  • train your focus
  • cook and eat with awareness
  • learn and understand yoga and ayurveda theory and philosophy
  • understand spirituality
  • receive a certificate after a test
I get often asked "i have pain in my body, can i solve it with yoga?" or "I dont have time in my day to exercise all what i should do, how can i make time?" or "I wake up in a very bad mood and my day looks grey, how do you wake up happy and motivated?" or "What is the purpose of my life, I am struggeling with money and health, how should that be fun?"
All this questions get answered during your course. Old paradigms will break and the connection between body and mind will become conscious to you.

If you are struggeling with the same problems and this is talking to you, send a
whatsapp with your motivation for the course and for the first meeting.

This course is held in english, arabic or german.


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