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November 19


Become curious rather then frozen

Let me share with you, in your private class, everything I've learned in almost 15 years of practicing and teaching Yoga. 

In a privat class, I create the space to get out of your comfort zone into the growth zone. What is in your way IS your way. 

Through the practice I am sharing with you, you will learn to become aware of your challenges, decide to face them, and work on them. I guide you to look inside, feel your body and love it.

You might discover tensions, fear, or other emotions you hold and maybe never have looked at. Becoming aware and embracing them is your first step.

You will learn how to discern where your zone of comfort and zone of discomfort lies. Discerning and playing within these two zones will help us learn to identify when or where we automatically tend to run and resist, and how to lean in, accept, and stretch little by little into our zone of growth. 

My private classes are personalized & tailored to you so that you may continue on your own creative path with everything you need to turn your movements, feelings, fears and dreams into beautiful experiences.

Ready to dive in?

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